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Please note, I am not a very good painter.

This model I designed and paid to get the STL file for printing from Hero Forge.

Model Description:
I don't have his full backstory yet, but he is a half Silver Dragon born of the gods(Protector Aasimar). 

D&D Character info:
Name - Alu'zra
Gender - Male
Race - Protector Aasimar
Class - Monk
Sub-Class (Monastic Tradition) - Way of the Ascendant Dragon

Printer and resin used:
Elegoo Mars 2 Pro
eSun Rapid Resin UV ABS-Like Hard Tough High Impact - Gray

Unless otherwise stated, all the paints are from the Army Painter D&D line of paints.

Steps and Planning:
I started by building my character on D&D Beyond going through many iterations of what I wanted, then finding the Way of the Ascendant Dragon and thought that was really cool since I really like dragons. Then I went to Hero Forge and did the design work as to what I wanted him to look like, and this is what I came up with.

This is what it looked like after print, clean and cure, very minimal post processing was needed. This was printed at 260% to give it a nice 87mm height with no base. Not sure why, but my phone didn't want to focus on the face properly. The final photos will be taken on my Sony a7iii with a studio environment.

I primed him in Vallejo Black primer so the silver skin will pop more.

I also printed it up to scale with what Hero Forge provide me in the STL. The model is 33-34mm tall, which makes me think the scaling for D&D models should change to have a 6foot "humanoid" be printed in 86-88mm. This makes handling it easier and feel less fragile.

Here is the small original model with the larger version.

I prefer the larger print. But I also get that printing large means needing large terrain and maps.

The small one will get painted as well. I just find it tedious to paint small objects.

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